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A free longbow converter lets you run many versions of AutoCAD on Windows 10
Longbow Software VisualGeek
And longbow converter is an application that allows you to run your version of AutoCAD on a 64-bit Windows system. The software allows your old Windows application to run on a newer Windows version. How can it be that I was.
May 10, 2017.
I have recently downloaded a Longbow Software converter called Longbow Converter from it’s official website.


I have run AutoCAD 2016 on Windows 7 for a long time and AutoCAD 2016 was not able to run with more than 3.5 GB of RAM. The only way I was able to run AutoCAD 2016 was to use 32 bit AutoCAD. In 2016 I was able to install AutoCAD 2016 on Windows 8 because of hardware compatibility. I installed AutoCAD 2016 32 bit AutoCAD on my Windows 8 computer that has 64 bit hardware. This means that you do not have to spend money to acquire the software and at the same time get the software to support 32 bit AutoCAD. The link below shows the process you can follow and what software you will need.
Getting AutoCAD for free

More details are below in the link below.
How to Convert AutoCAD to Windows XP so that it can run on Windows XP
How to convert AutoCAD to Windows XP

Longbow Software
Have you downloaded and used Longbow Converter?


Use a Virtual Machine instead:
Disclaimer: this is using quite a bit of proprietary software that I cannot even name, but I have used it for years (too many years to remember)

Install Virtualbox
Download this AutoCAD from my website
Install the AutoCAD it came with
Run your 64-bit version
Launch the created Virtual Machine of a 32-bit Windows
Run your AutoCAD

Everytime you need to run a version of AutoCAD that is not registered on your 64-bit system, create a new Virtual Machine, select the 64-bit version of Windows from the list of options and install the AutoCAD version you wish.
This is a less expensive and simpler approach than any other method that I’ve seen.
The only downside is that you won’t have Visual Studio to access you plugins,


Oct 8, 2018 
Try the Longbow Converter Free. Longbow Software is the leading 32-bit version of AutoCAD for x64 machines that lets you run your old 32-bit AutoCAD 2013, 2010 or 2007 software on Windows 10 64-bit. AutoCAD .
AutoCAD Longbow Converter is a free 64-bit compatible version of AutoCAD .
AutoCAD Longbow Converter Features. Longbow Software provides a powerful 64-bit AutoCAD environment for Windows .
Oct 17, 2018 
For Windows 10 you need to run the 32-bit version. The Longbow Converter is a free tool to convert your old AutoCAD versions. You can .
Dec 28, 2018 
AutoCAD Longbow Converter. If you don’t have a 64bit version of AutoCAD.

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